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Introduction - Laser Sparidonn®

Welcome to the web pages of the Mr. Ivan Ševčík Company – SIDL WORLD – the foremost manufacturer of the MERLLIN COSMETICS PLUS laser system. We wish you pleasant time browsing our pages.

Introducing the laser

We have developed a professional laser system under the name LASER Sparidonn® PLUS and have therefore supplemented the market by a piece of equipment which is a suitable addition for use in cosmetology and dermatology. Our product is special in its shape with digital display which informs the user of exact time and the condition of pre-set applications. The great advantages are also changes in continual as well as frequency modulation while the device is in operation. The wave length and the performance of the Sparidonn® PLUS PLUS laser guarantee an adequate penetration of the beam into such depth, where it purposely stimulates the cells and forces them to a faster renewal.

Laser and cosmetics today are inseparable. Our bio-stimulating laser represents very effective means with new treatment opportunities.

Laser Sparidonn - Profi Set

New cosmetics line

Cosmetic laser Sparidonn® PLUS is purposefully supplemented by 6 special cosmetic preparations absorbs energy into the substances contained through our laser and increases the healing speed of cosmetic defects. Moreover, it has been supplemented by a cleansing milk and MERLLIN® brand complexion cleanser, which then makes it possible to work in a beauty parlour with a complete product line!

All information for the VIP customer may be found on the pages of our graphic application atlas (+ detailed operating instructions).

Details in the Sidl World Company catalogue.